Jacopo Carassai

(you can call me Japi)

An eclectic, queer, pixel-perfect front-end developer coming from the Bel Paese (Italy, editor's note) and now rocking The Web in Berlin.
Deeply in with The Internet, from design to coding I know which buttons to press.


Rapid access information.

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ID Card / Carta d'identità / Personalausweis

  • Name: Jacopo Carassai
  • Birthplace: Italy
  • Birthday: December, 15th 1988
  • Living in: Berlin
  • Workplace: Nosto
  • Position: Front-end Developer
  • Reach out to me in :    
  • Freetime: travels, biking, music, poems books, swimming, travels again, fine food, good wine, hungover
  • Never on a desert island without: swimming goggles and Capri Sonne Orange


Sitting my backside on a plane, towards an unexplored destination, getting to crush with a different culture: priceless joy!
(all pictures have been taken with my Fujica AX-1)


My career path in A4 format.


The fax is broken tho.